[Reprinted From Aug 1998 and Sep 2003 Newsletters With Updates.]

The Quilt Makers organized in 1987. The group got its start when several ladies who belonged to the Heirloom Crafters wanted to form a club with an emphasis on quilting. Jerri Lane is reported to be the one who got everything started and served as the first president of Quilt Makers. The group met informally a few times that summer of 1987 then organized with elected officers, by-laws, etc in Sep 1987.

There were 19 charter members in 1987 and two from that original group are members today.

The club’s stated purpose was “to preserve the heritage of quilting, to be a source of information and inspiration, and to be a gathering place for people with a common interest. “

Carolee Adams reported that the membership grew gradually and at the meetings the members provided demonstrations and instruction on different quilting techniques. Most were beginners, but a few had quilting experience such as Jerri and Gail Lewis who kept the others in the group wanting to learn more. The group started out meeting in the Courthouse Assembly Room but also took field trips to different quilt stores. Lee Main told of doing monthly friendship blocks. There was a group that always went to Braum’s for ice cream after the meeting. They tried to have workshops a few times a year on Saturdays.

In Oct 1991, the club put on a Beginners Quilt Workshop that was open to the public; there were 30 participants.The group completed their first raffle quilt in 1991 to raise money for the guild treasury..

1991 – Bear Paw 

1993 – 1994 – Bluebonnet Quilt

1995 – Woven Star

1996 – Storm at Sea

1997 – Sister’s Choice

1998 – Americana Quilt

For a change of pace, in 1999 and 2000, the guild raffled off baskets and tubs of quilting merchandise. 2001 a garage sale of donated quilting treasures added funds to the guild treasury. 2002-2003 the Guild started the Quilt Makers School House to provide quilting instruction and raise funds for the guild. Jana Caryol offered to get a library started in the fall of 1992. There a few newsletter mailings starting in the 1993-1994 year, then Gail Lewis started a regular monthly newsletter in the fall of 94’ that continues today. The guild became a charter member of the Texas Association of Quilt Guilds in Sep 1999. The guild has supported numerous community service projects over the years. Countless quilts have  been  made for local agencies and most recently (2005-2006) for wounded service men and women serving in our military.

Today, with a membership approaching 60, we are a diverse group spanning many generations. Some of us love piecing, some of us love applique. ..some beginners...some award winning quilters. As each guild year ends, we extend a Thank You to that group of ladies who, in 1987, formed a quilting  guild that continues in its stated purpose of preserving quilting. And a thanks to each who have volunteered in any capacity over the years to keep the guild going strong. It is truly wonderful to have a quilting guild in our community.

Quilt Makers of Sherman was granted 501C (3) status by the IRS as a non profit group in 2006.

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